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VCI International is an initiative and belongs to Network Planet Ltd, which was founded on 5 January 2018.

VCI and Network Planet Ltd. is an independent affiliate network that provide training and education worldwide. Our vision is to provide everyone with financial intelligence through training, workshops, tutorials and events.

We believe that there are more and more opportunities in the world to work wisely for your money, but above all to make it work wisely.

The Blockchain helps a lot because it shortens ways and makes everything more transparent and accessible.

Our education should educate people in the areas of money and investments and also show them the possibilities how to earn money on the internet or through traditional affiliate marketing. You create a bridge in passive and active learning.

Company overview and partnership plan

Sep 2018

Network Planet Ltd.

Network Marketing
Company with licence
for Network Marketing,
Consulting and

Registered St. Vincent &
the Grenadines.

Jan 2019

VCI Asset
Management s.r.o.

Asset Management
Company with license
for Forex, Crypto Asset
Management, financial


Sept 2019


Crypto Exchange
Company with License
for Exchange and
Wallet Service.

Future Registry:

In Progress

Active Gold DMCC

Gold and precious
metal company with
license for precious
metals and commodities.

Future Registry:


Our experienced team of specialists identifies trend markets and creates business opportunities


Our team of European specialists has the experience and relationships to navigate the complexity of the business, across languages, cultures, currencies.

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